Installing Ubuntu

As I clap my hands,
with the echoes, it begins to dawn–
the summer moon.

I finally made the decision to install Ubuntu. I had been running it off VMWare for really long, but I always knew I had to switch eventually. After several long hourse of defragmentation (with 3 different defragmenters!) I finally managed to get the Vista disk manager to shrink my partition enough to get myself a measly 8 Gb of space.

Anyway installation was no problem, what I really wanted to do was restore my system as it used to be on VMWare. Remastersys seemed perfect, but sadly didn’t work for me. The author was really helpful, but given the amount of time I had spent defragging, I was way too impatient to wait for a fix. There are other ways to duplicate your system, but they involve re-downloading all your packages anyway, so I decided to do it manually.

By the time everything was ready it was really late and I was exhausted. Still, I feel an irresistible urge to tweak things. Also I need to launch a hunt for alternatives to some of the Windows only programs I had gotten used to. There goes the rest of the week!


~ by hellfeuer on January 21, 2008.

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